• Open seven days a week
  • Gorgeously refurbished
  • Friendly customer service, staff knowledgable about films
  • Screen 1 capacity 175 seats (99 seats in the stalls downstairs plus one wheelchair, 75 in the balcony upstairs)
  • Screen 2 capacity 28 seats plus space for one wheelchair
  • Projector and Sound Equipment: Screen 1 has a Barco Digital Projector and Dolby Processor giving an incredibly sharp, bright picture with magnificent colour rendition, and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Screen 2 has a Barco Laser Projector and Processor with Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound.


Pre covid we held regular screenings where we keep the lights on low for visibility, sound a bit lower than usual, and where the sound of infants or other more noisy or restless or jiggly cinema patrons is only to be expected by everyone (i.e. it's a 'no-tutting' environment). We hope to revive these in 2022. All are welcome at these screenings - head upstairs to the balcony if you are not accompanied by an infant. Under 24 months free. (For 15 cert films where we have a special licence from the Council, only babies under 12 months allowed). To find out what is on, and help us select films, join our Keswick Alhambra Parents & Babies FB Group.


The Alhambra hosts the Keswick Film Club every Sunday evening from September to March, screening the best of British and World cinema. Film Club members and Alhambra Friends get discounted tcikets, but you don't have to be a member and anyone is welcome to the screenings. The Film Club runs the Keswick Film Festival, which takes place in Feb/March each year.


See our history page for a full history of our cinema, including photos and films - built in 1913, the Keswick Alhambra is one of very few UK picture houses that has been in continuous operation for over 100 years. 


Many of our friends and supporters have kindly made donations to help us restore and maintain our beautiful building, and there's always something being worked on to keep the fabric of the building sound. If you'd like to contribute we would be grateful to hear from you. Contact us on info@keswickalhambra.co.uk if you are interested in making a significant donation (£100 or so) and to join the list of supporters who've helped us over the years and whose names are celebrated inside the cinema.


The financial impact of coronavirus precautions on our business (including three lockdown-mandated closures from 17 March to 23 July 2020, 5 Nov to 2 Dec 2020 and 31 Dec 2020 to 17 May 2021) has been partly offset by many avenues of local and national government assistance. In addition to small business grant schemes, the job retention scheme and the government-backed bounce-back loan, we have also benefited from the British Film Institute Film Audience Network Covid-19 Resilience Fund, awarding funds from the National Lottery, and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport's Culture Recovery Fund for Independent Cinema, also administered by the British Film Institute. Many thanks to the BFI who have administered the scheme and provided invaluable help and support during the crisis.