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Las Mimosas

Alhambra - Keswick

”Love means never having to say you’re sorry”

Love Story

Sorry, but Las Mimosas is either started or over at Alhambra - Keswick.


A caravan escorts an elderly and dying Sheikh trough the Moroccan Atlas. His last wish is to be buried with his loved ones. But death does not wait. The caravaneers, fearful of the mountain pass, refuse to continue transporting the corpse. Ahmed and Said, two rogues traveling with the caravan, promise to take the body to its destiny. But do they really know the way? In another world, parallel and remote, Shakib is chosen to travel to the mountains where the caravan is. His assignment is clear: he has to help the improvised caravaneers to reach their destination. Shakib also doubts, this is his first mission.

Rating: 15

Advisory: brief strong violence

Released: 14/04/2017

Duration: 93 min

Genres: Drama

Director: Oliver Laxe

Producer: Nadia Turincev, Felipe Lage Coro, Lamia Chraibi

Writer: Santiago Fillol, Oliver Laxe

Starring: Ikram Anzouli, Ahmed El Othemani, Ahmed Hammoud, Said Aagli, Shakib Ben Omar

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Alhambra - Keswick

Alhambra Cinema, 36 St John's Street, CA12 5AG, Keswick