Please do follow the government rules to help reduce transmission of covid, and do not come to the cinema if you have been in contact with anyone with covid, or any symptoms at all that could potentially be covid (even if you feel sure it's just a cold - it's alarming for others if anyone in the audience is clearly suffering from symptoms that might potentially be covid).

MASKS: As of 10 December 2021, the wearing of a face covering is mandatory at all times, save to allow for eating and drinking. The regulation does not apply to under 11s or those with medical exemptions.

VENTILATION: Our new Screen 2 has a state-of-the-art ventilation system with filtration and large air exchange volumes.  The main Screen 1 auditorium is very spacious, and we air it out between busy screenings. 

SOCIALLY DISTANCED SCREENINGS: See the 'Seat Plan' page to view the layout of our socially distanced screenings. We are experimenting with the scheduling of these, and at present only using the socially distanced seating plan for some screenings in the main auditorium, Screen 1, not Screen 2 (which only has 28 seats and would be uneconomic to run at half capacity). You can always check how busy a screening is by going through the 'book a ticket' process shortly before the performance, to make your  own judgement about how comfortable you would be with the number of people in the auditorium.

HYGIENE: Please wash your hands well and often, we have hand santitisers for your use around the buidling too.