Email us on or call 07941571064 to discuss your requirements: with at least 3 weeks notice, you can rent out either the large or small screen, or just reserve the balcony for your group (we'll sell stalls tickets to the public).

Venue hire starts at £7 per head, with minimum charge as follows, plus an additional fee which depends on how much we have to pay to licence the film you choose *:

£100 for 29-seater Screen 2 (an additional £7 per extra person if you have more than 14 people coming - max 28)

£200 for exclusive use of the balcony (an additional £7 per extra person if you have more than 28 people coming - max 74)

£300 for hire of the whole of the main auditorium, balcony and stalls (an additional £6 per extra person over 50 people, and £5 per head over 100 people - max 170) 

For under 16s/children's parties, the price includes popcorn and squash.

The cost of film licences is complicated! For old/archive films, there is a minimum licencing fee, generally £80-130 per single screening. For more recent films, we may have to pay £130 to get in a copy of the film, but we might be willing to absorb some of that cost if we can offset it by screening to public audiences as well that week. For other current films, we might have to pay the distributor 60% of takings (for a very recent film), or as little as 25% - in which case we might be able absorb that fee within your hire cost, especially if your numbers are higher.