Scroll down to the bottom to see our socially-distanced seat plans


Screen 1: The main auditorium is split between balcony (74 seats) and stalls (99 seats)

Row A in the stalls is very close to the screen, you will have your head tilted back, resting on your seat,
wheras Row J, front row of the balcony, is situated about 8 meters from the screen.



Studio Screen 2: This is a very intimate 29-seater.

The seats on the back row are tucked either side of the LED projector.



Screen 1 with Social Distance seat plan in operation - you can only book the blue seats. If you are in a larger group you will be able to sit together when you arrive - just make a selection from the seats you can book, and then you can arrange yourselves at the time as you wish, as long as you ensure you leave space between your group and other filmgoers. 


Screen 2 with Social Distance seat plan in operation (you can only book the blue seats)